XcelerateHER –
The Women Entrepreneur Community of Central Ontario

The XcelerateHER community connects women entrepreneurs to events, peer groups, mentorship, funding, and support. XcelerateHER is the one degree of separation between the resources and connections you need to scale and grow your business.

Misson Statement:

XcelerateHER empowers women entrepreneurs with support and resources to help them start, grow or scale their business and overcome barriers and challenges they face in today’s economy.


A coalition of leading women entrepreneurs and community partners launched XcelerateHer to unite women entrepreneurs and connect them to the support and resources available in the central Ontario entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Experienced women business mentors facilitate Mastermind Sessions for each stream through conversation, guest speakers and trainers. The topics for Mastermind Sessions are chosen by the clients to suit their interest and needs.

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The creation of networking opportunities and events for women designed to promote peer learning and connections.



Provides services to XcelerateHER participants with key resources such as finance, intellectual property, applied research, marketing, etc. to help women entrepreneurs scale their business.

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Success stories about women created to showcase women-led businesses and to inspire other women to aspire to be business leaders.







Interested in Networking,
Events and Workshops?

XcelerateHER is a movement which will energize and connect women entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses, promoting strong economies and thriving communities.

Check out events all over Central Ontario that you can join to grow your network, sharpen your business skills and access opportunities to support you in every stage of your business.

Let’s Rise Together!

Share your story and increase the visibility of female entrepreneurs around the region. Find out about new initiatives and funding opportunities.

Founding Partners

We have a large community of talented, motivated women entrepreneurs in Central Ontario. Key stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem partnered to launch XcelerateHer to unite and better support our women entrepreneurs. The focus will be to address gaps in resources and to ensure that that women are successful in business.