Coming into Alignment with the Legal Side of Your Business

New event:
May 4th
2 – 4 pm
Sandbox Centre as well as online

Vanessa will dive into the limiting beliefs around legal that hold back many entrepreneurs from being proactive with their business’ legal security and what can be done to shift one’s mindset around it. Vanessa will also share her main tips & strategies that empower entrepreneurs to feel more confident when making important choices and instructing a lawyer about these things. The topics we will discuss are different business structures, contracts, liability protection, and estate planning.

“When making tough decisions about the legal security of your business feels easy and empowered, you make choices that feel good and are aligned with your overall goals and intention for your business.”

– Vanessa Locicero

Key Takeaways:

  • Ensuring the legal security of your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming
  • Most people have limiting beliefs around the law/ working with lawyers that hold them back from being proactive in securing their businesses
  • There are more productive belief systems about the law that are in alignment with and fully support your vision of your business
  • When you hold fear and insecurity around the legal status of your business it acts as an energetic block to abundance, and when you are secure and confident it opens the floodgates of possibility

Why People Should Attend:

  • You’ll learn how different business structures, contracts, limitations of liability and estate planning can offer you the peace of mind you desire and protect the boundaries, both physical and energetic, in your business
  • You’ll learn tips and strategies to empower you when making choices and speaking to a lawyer about different business structures, contracts, limitations of liability, and estate planning
  • You’ll also learn that by implementing structures that secure your legal foundation, you are literally energetically paving the way for good things to come your way

Meet Vanessa Locicero:

Vanessa Locicero is a lawyer, entrepreneur and mentor who helps entrepreneurs come into alignment with the legal side of the business. She is an old soul who knows how to guide people through stressful, life-altering legal situations toward successful resolution and legal security, with empathy and compassion.

Vanessa’s mission is the legal and financial empowerment of women and the promotion of Access to Justice through community legal education, mentorship and creative legal solutions delivered through her business, Soul Attorney Inc. If you’re interested in legal education and mentorship get in touch with Vanessa at or at on Instagram.

Vanessa started off in commercial litigation downtown Toronto, but it just didn’t feel right she quickly re-evaluated her career path. By choosing to stay mindful and focus on personal alignment, Vanessa was driven to create a career that feels just right for her up in Collingwood. Her practice includes serious personal injury litigation, wills & estates, and corporate legal services. Her experience navigating the litigation landscape has her well-positioned to catch any liability risks or lurking legal issues in your small business or estate plan and help you right the ship before it’s too late.

Vanessa shares her message on The Soul Attorney Podcast and is the one lawyer you can trust who will make your legal experience easy, empowering, and even affordable! If you need legal support or want to learn more, you can find her at 143 Pine Street in Collingwood or reach her at or at 705-444-0031